The different stretches

5KM - 1h30 / Colombières -> Tarassac

Departure from the Colombières slide on the Orb (large toboggan for canoe) to the base of Tarassac. The rapids are linked and meander between the mountains. That’s enough to enjoy the pleasures of a first canoe trip.

9KM - 3h30 / Le Poujol -> Tarassac

A course that is both fun and progressive. The Orb flows between gravel pits and sandy beaches. The river accelerates after a little after the rapids of Colombières on Orb. The second part, after the slide is more dynamic until the arrival on the base of Tarassac. This trip offers an exceptional panorama on the Caroux, the gorges of Arles and the tower of Albine. Family descent. Open your eyes, you will certainly be able to observe gray herons & black kites who offer themselves in spectacle above the river.

10KM - 3h30 / Tarassac -> Ceps

You leave the base of Tarassac, certainly the beginning is sporty, but it is to get into the bath directly! The fast mill of Tarassac will offer you nice surprises. The suite is quieter but very friendly; between each fast you will discover beautiful beaches for sunbathing to enjoy the sun and the river. Along the water you will cross the authentic villages of Vieussan and Ceps. To add some sensations, the cliffs of Camps will allow you to make some well deserved dives. A real cocktail of beautiful landscapes to enjoy your descent.

15KM - 4h30 / Colombières -> Ceps (En exclusivité !)

This is the most requested course in recent years, the most dynamic and the most athletic! Departure from the slide of Colombières sur Orb, passage in the rapids of Grille and Moulin known to be the most eventful of the river. It is especially an authentic discovery of the whole valley of the Orb. Course labeled “thrills & sublime landscapes”.

16KM - 4h30 / Tarassac -> Roquebrun

You leave the Tarassac Base to reach Roquebrun.
Day trip with a picnic on the water for the meal break( to provide yourself) This is a pleasant run down the rapids in the heart of the Orb Valley.
You will cross typical villages such as Vieussan, Ceps, and discover at your arrival a spectacular view of Roquebrun, “Le petit Nice” as it is called here.

21KM - 5h30 / Colombières -> Roquebrun

Nothing better to spend a whole day on the Orb! Departure from the slide Colombières on Orb and arrived in the village of Roquebrun. You will enjoy a meal break at the water’s edge

25KM - 2 days / Le Poujol -> Roquebrun

Departure from Poujol sur Orb, and arrived the next day at Roquebrun. Several possibilities of accommodation for the night are proposed: our camp-site or bivouac at the edge of the water. In the heart of the Regional Park of Haut-Languedoc you will spend two wonderful days!

36KM - 3 days / Le Poujol -> Cessenon

Departure from Poujol sur Orb, and arrived two days later at Cessenon.
1st day: Poujol – Tarassac. Night in our campsite.
2nd day: Tarassac – Ceps. Bivouac in Ceps.
3rd day: Ceps – Cessenon.
Course for adventurers!

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